From sunrise to sunset

I’m sat writing this with a beer by my side. It’s the final night of our holidays before my husband has to return to work in the morning. Return to work until his next break which, apart from a day here and there, is not until Christmas. Only July and already one eye on the festive season. Reason enough for a beer, right? Because thinking ahead to December is both awful and exciting, isn’t it? Is it wrong to admit that I’ve already bought a couple of Christmas presents though? It seems silly not to buy a few things for the boys while the sales are so good.

But back to our holidays. We had a really great time in Scotland. The house was perfect, the weather a little less so, the boys … hmmm … well, with one refusing to go to bed until 11pm and the other waking up at 4am, sleep didn’t really feature a whole lot while we were away. Still, even with our eyes threatening to close at any given opportunity, it’s such a fantastic part of the world that we couldn’t fail to be completely blown away by the country and have a really nice time. We will definitely return.

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Laughing and learning with Fisher Price

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning House
If there’s one thing that I can be sure of other than one of my boys waking me up way too early in the morning, is that a Fisher Price toy never fails to entertain them. We’ve reviewed quite a few over the years but this latest once beats them all. What can I say about the Laugh & Learn Learning House? Well, it’s incredible. I’m not the biggest fan of plastic, lights and shrill music but the learning house had me at the cute, little letter box. I would have adored this as a child.

As far as toys go, this one is rather large. You’re going to need a lot of space for it. But if you have the room, it’s definitely worth investing in as not only does it have a lot of cool features but it’s fantastic for imaginative play too.

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Tidbits (and a bit of a blogging update)

I like doing these ‘what’s currently on my mind’ updates. It gives me chance to write down all the crazy things going on in my head and see if I can make sense of them. Apologies for treating this blog like free therapy on occasion. It really does help.

So the past few weeks, especially since the BritMums Live conference, have seen blogging not too far from my thoughts on any given occasion. Not in an all-consuming way but more so mulling over what exactly it is that I like about blogging and where do I want to go from here.

And here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. I like this blog but the title, Three Years & Home, was born out of a pretty blah time during our expat adventure in Switzerland. It’s a name that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Every time I hear it, I think of it as being my Swiss blog.

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Hate football, love shoes

Three Years & Home
If there’s one plus point from all the football that’s been on TV recently, it’s that my husband has been so distracted that I’ve been able to while away my evenings browsing the internet and indulging in a fair amount of online shopping.

Luckily, just as I was in danger of having my credit card taken off me, JD Williams jumped in and asked if I’d like to select myself a gift from their website (I know … a blogger’s life is often a tough one … woe is me). The catch? It had to be something inspired by one of the teams taking part in that ball-kicking tournament.

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