Sharing my latest love – neon accessories and Block

Block Design neon vase
When it came to decorating the family spaces in our new house, I confess, I didn’t give the kiddos much thought initially. For a whole ten minutes, I dreamed of white floors, white walls, white furniture and pictured myself clad in white cashmere (not that I ever really wear cashmere – it bobbles too quickly and you can’t bung it in the washing machine) almost blending in to the snowy white scene around me apart from the bluey-black of my eyes.

But then I stumbled across this amazing piece of Zürich pop art by Marion Duschletta and thus a love affair with neon was reignited (reignited because I was a youngster in the 80s when it was practically the law to wear at least one item of neon clothing – my preference was for socks).

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Chester Zoo and the Garden of Requirement

The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Garden
Just a fifteen minute drive away and with an annual pass in my pocket, it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time at Chester Zoo. BB loves sitting in his pram and being passed snacks as we wonder round. CK loves the animals and also the increased potential of an ice cream featuring at some point in his afternoon. And I love having a few minutes peace and quiet just to walk and think. It’s a win for everyone.

But the thing I love the most – and sorry animals, it’s not you – is what I call the Garden of Requirement, also known as The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Garden. I can never remember where exactly this garden is but much like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, it seems to appear when I need it the most.

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Saturdays are for good ol’ fashioned helter skeltering

Helter skelter
Just a few miles from our house, set amidst the North Wales countryside with views over the coastline, is the most amazing farm shop. It’s full of yummy delights and always smells temptingly of fresh coffee and cake. With a play fort outside, it really is a lovely place to spend an hour or two. So we do. Every week.

A couple of weeks ago, as we turned in to the car park, we were greeted by the towering sight of an old fashioned helter skelter. Cue excited amazement from CK, eyes-wide at the red and white swirls and even wider as he spotted a slide curling around the outside.

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