Thank you for stopping by Three Years & Home. My name is Rachel and if you have a nosy around my blog, you’ll find tales of travel, fashion (mainly errors), my obsession with teacups and my unrequited love of Roger Federer. And my boys, of course … you’ll find stories, photographs and anecdotes about my gorgeous boys – CK born in October 2010 and BB in January 2013.

I’m married to Paul who I met at the unworldly age of sixteen. The secret to us still talking to each other twenty years on is to always have a cleaner and never share a bathroom. It also helps that he’s extremely funny and very easy on the eye (if a little obsessed with his hair).


You can currently find me surrounded by chaos and boxes as we’ve just moved to a sleepy village in Wales after living in Switzerland for the past seven years. We originally moved to Zürich on a three year work assignment but ended up staying for a whole lot longer. Now we’re home and trying to readjust to UK life (and trying not to consume too many chocolate oranges – how I missed them).

After my family, the ten things that I love most in the world are (in no particular order):

- Roger Federer
- Bonfire night
- Chocolate fudge cake
- Elf
- Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
- Teacups
- Pickled onion Monster Munch
- Expensive hair products (the shinier the packaging, the better)
- Long, lazy lunches
- Pedicures (if only I had the time!)

If you want to know more about me, have a little look at this post.

If you want to know even more about me, would like a copy of my media pack, or just want to say hello, you can send an email to ffhmama@yahoo.com

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  1. Where abouts in Switzerland are you? I’m in Messery (near Yvoire) on the French side of lake Geneva and my view – from the end of the road at least, looks a lot like your banner!

    looking forward to see how things go for you!


    1. Hello! I’m in Zürich, so quite far away from you. All of the photos were taken near to where we live but Switzerland seems to have lots of beautiful photo opportunities. If we have to be away from home, there’s far worse places to be! x

  2. Hi! I live right on the North Wales coast in Old Colwyn, just outside Colwyn Bay. My husband and I (!!) often go to Bangor on Dee to see the Horse Racing. I went to College in Wrexham up until 2008, so I know the area pretty well.
    The weather here is very gloomy at the moment…so don’t feel too bad about not being here!!
    I’m really busy making cushions at present, as I’ve got a stall at the Seed Fair in Conwy on 26th March…

    1. Hey Vicky, I actually know the Colwyn Bay area quite well as I lived in Deganwy for about 10 years. We often walked over to Conwy and I played a lot of tennis at Eirias Park. Small world :-) Good look with your cushions at the Seed Fair. Curtain making is my next focus – trip to Abakhan for fabric is in order.

  3. Nice to read from a fellow Brit living in Switzerland! Zurich must be a pretty mad place to bring a kid up with the rush of the place, Bern might be a more enjoyable place for the both of you – a small beautiful town with a slow pace of life, helpful people & also a unesco world heritage site! i sympathise with the chocolate dilemma, it’s rather hard not to indulge with so many great treats constantly around you, however, one must enjoy life & if that means the odd treat now and then why not! Look forward to reading more of your posts, matthew.

    1. We’ve visited Bern a couple of times and yes, the pace and the feel of the place is much more to my liking. I’m a countryside girl so find city life a little traumatic. Re the treats, I’m trying to stop myself from enjoying one every day – now and again would be a much more appropriate amount. Looking forward to reading more of your tales too. Rachel.

  4. Hi FFHM,
    Like your blog & it makes me laugh, I have been living in CH for 12 years now. I know what you mean about Swiss prices but when you pay Swiss taxes & get Swiss wages it all makes sense.
    My two son’s who visit us regularly live with their Mum near Mold in Nth Wales…..do you like Rugby?

    1. Hey Fergus, thank you so much for reading. Glad my mutterings made you laugh. The Swiss prices do make somewhat sense. We get paid a premium so are charged a premium – I do feel slightly nauseous when that premium is 100 percent more though. I know Mold very well. My husband went to school there. My parents live in the next village and we’ve just bought a house 3 miles from there. Do you visit often? I am indeed a rugby fan (I think it might be the law in Wales?) and regularly battle with my English husband around 6 nations time. Please to have made your acquaintance. Rachel.

      1. Yes for sure I am always looking for 50% stickers on meat in Coop ;-) But all in all I actually feel things are cheaper because of the “User Pays” system. Public Transport with 1/2 tax card, Health Insurance (Lots of people think it’s free in the UK!) etc.
        As you have probably seen from my Blog I lived in the UK for a while, my sons were born in Bristol were their Mum is from, they now live in Pantymwyn & go to Mold Alun. I go there about once a year as the boys spend most of their holidays in Switzerland.
        Yep I love rugby and support France during the 6 Nations ;-) I know exactly what you mean about having an English Spouse! Things I miss about UK………Real Ale, Humor, News Papers, some mates……but I still have my British TV channels! I couldn’t live without British Telly!

          1. Small world … my husband went to Mold Alun. In fact, most of my friends did. I spent most Saturdays in the sports centre next door.

            We subscribe to the British tv channels. It’s like home from home.

            Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful food adventures.

            And thanks for note on the time settings – will take a look.

  5. How lovely to find you – I’m also from a family originally from Wales and living abroad – and expecting baby number 2 to be delivered abroad (India) – what wonderful writing – great inspiration and look forward to hearing more!

  6. The best of luck escaping! I came to Zurich from South Wales for two years. 16 years later, 1 marriage (to a Welsh girl) plus twins and I still appear to be no nearer to leaving!

  7. How interesting to find someone with a similar story, though you’re at the moving-back stage. We moved to Italy in January 2011, on a three year contract. Soooo we were supposed to be heading back next month but we’ve just extended for another 1.5 years! I can see how easily 3 years could turn into 7…
    In the meantime we’ve grown from two to three as well – my Bean was born in January 2013 too.
    I’m looking forward to reading about how you get on back in the UK. We have the “should we move back” conversation about, ooh, at least once a month. We haven’t figured out the answer yet, hence the extension. If you’re interested, I’ve just started a blog about our adventures. Early days yet, but I’m hoping to turn it into something interesting.

    1. Ooo, hi Eline. So nice to hear from you. I’ll pop over to your blog for a read and in the meantime, if I can ever be of any help, just shout x

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