Bougainvillea, lemons and cerulean seas

Bougainvillea, lemons and cerulean
Show me the itinerary of a Mediterranean cruise and my eyes will flick through the ports of call looking for the place that reminds me of childhood adventures, teenage crushes and more recently, family holidays. That place is the crazy but utterly intoxicating Naples, home to the best pizza that I have ever tasted and the most passionate football fans that I have ever come across.

Many times have I stood in the port at Naples, trying to shield my already freckled skin from the sun, suitcase by my side, one eye on the mopeds weaving in and around me following no apparent path and the other watching the hydrofoil seemingly glide across the cerulean seas from the island of Capri.

Amalifi, Capri
And once on the beautiful and glamorous Capri (where I’m extremely lucky to have an aunt, uncle and cousins live), it’s the white walls that accentuate the hot pink of the bougainvillea that capture my eyes the most (unless Fabio Canavarro happens to be holidaying on the island at the time *swoon*).

Capri 3
Stay a little longer and you could have dinner at my very favourite restaurant (and where I think I’m going to have my 40th birthday party), Da Paolino. Set mainly outdoors, the restaurant is super romantic and the food heavenly but it’s location amongst the most divine-smelling lemon groves is what makes it memorable for me. The branches laden with the largest, brightest lemons are almost defy gravity. If you’re ever passing, do try to sneak one in your bag for extra special gin and tonics.

Sometimes, you don’t realise the impact that a place can have on the decisions or choices that you make later in life. You can underestimate how much they shape you or mould your likes and dislikes. When I first thought about entering the Cunard Mediterranean competition and flicked through all of the destinations that they sail to, I sat for a while and found it really hard to pick a place that interests me or influences me from both a cultural and interiors perspective.

And then I looked around my home … at how I decorate and how I dress … and realised that Italy (specifically Naples and Capri) have been influencing me for years without me even being aware of it …

Blue, yellow, pink deco inspiration
The beautiful bougainvillea, the bright, cheerful lemons (that’s my goblet in the top photo too), and the dazzling cerulean seas. Well, it turns out that they exist in North Wales too, just in slightly different forms.

So when it came to creating a Pinterest board, it wasn’t hard to find places and things to pin to give you a sense of what it’s like to be in such a stunning part of the world. In fact, quite a few of the images on the board are my own. And of course, there’s a sneaky shot of pizza included. No visit to Naples would be complete without sampling the most divine pizza that you’ve ever tasted … always with a beer, never with wine.

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And now I can’t wait to return!

4 thoughts on “Bougainvillea, lemons and cerulean seas

  1. It looks amazing and it’s somewhere I really want to go. I’ve only made it to Rome when it comes to Italy but the food is still such a good memory. Love the board.

    1. Add it to your list! It’s a lovely part of the world. Just never drive in Naples. You won’t make it out alive.

  2. Lovely post and what a stunning part of the world. I’m always longing to return to Naples and the Amalfi Coast! Hopefully I’ll get to make a trip with my husband and boys in the not-too-distant future :) x

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