My experience with divorce lawyers and how I managed to afford it

Going through process of divorce is very difficult, getting separated from person who was major part of our life is very painful and the struggle gets doubled when children are involved in it. You can process the divorce on your own, but it is necessary to hire a divorce attorney. I have experienced this agonizing process and the worst thing happen to me is that I don’t have money of my own and all the accounts are joint accounts and they are under spouse control. Then I was unable to afford any lawyer on my own. Then I got legal advice from this law firm which was very helpful to me and law is called as pendent lite in which your lawyer can sue ex-spouse for the legal fees. There are many other ways where we can manage to afford a lawyer is that choosing a junior lawyer so he will not charge too high, less experienced lawyers can be hired, pay the lawyer when case swings only in your favor, and there will free legal help which are federally funded, making payment plan with lawyers, calling legal hotline. The divorce lawyer whom I hired was very responsible and helpful. He had very good communication skills and he is always in touch with me throughout the divorcing process and he is able to negotiate with the other party, strong, confident, and strategic, he was very focused on the case and was able to make justice for me and my kids in terms of property, money and we are happy for this. My suggestion if you are looking for divorce lawyer never hire the first lawyer you met and make sure you hire a lawyer with all these qualities.

Can You Get Fired Easily In California?

Getting a job is not very difficult, but getting one that satisfies you both mentally and emotionally is a big challenge. To top this, if it can meet go beyond your financial requirements, it is termed as your dream job. While many are not lucky enough to get it, many change their ideas about the ideal job and settle for one that is well rewarding, financially.

When you are in California, you know how competitive the job market is. There are many takers for the limited jobs available and this gives your employer the edge, as they have can pick and choose and even fire at will, if they are not too happy.

When Can They Fire You

Employees and the employers getting along and working seamlessly for the betterment of the company is very unlikely and happens only in your imagination. Sadly, the real world settings are not so ideal and hence disagreements happen and more often than not, the “boss” shows the employees who is the boss. This is done by either holding back a promotion, increment or even increasing the work burden with shorter deadlines. In extreme cases, your employer can fire you at any time in California.

They need not necessarily give you a reason unless you have entered into a contract at the time of employment. If the contract states your employer cannot fire you without a good cause, then they will be forced to give you a good reason. If you have a contract, a legal advisor or an attorney can go through the documents and let you know what your next course of action can be.

The fire at will option gives the employers the upper hand as they can fire anyone at any time without any reason stated. If the employee being fired has served for a considerable amount of time or if the firing is based on race or some discrimination, the employee can seek the help of the court.


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