Give a toddler a camera

With fifty centimetres of snow falling over the weekend, I’ve been looking for different ways to keep CK entertained. We tried venturing outside to build a snowman but had to give up after a few minutes as the snow came up over his waist and filled his wellington boots.

So it’s mainly been an indoor weekend. An indoor weekend with a very excitable toddler. Not ideal.

In a change from the norm, I relinquished control of my camera.

Mamarazzi became toddlerazzi.

One hundred and eight photos were taken in the space of fifteen minutes. Many with his finger over the lens and many, I have no idea why, of my ample bottom.
Snap Happy

But after discarding one hundred and seven obscured or out of focus images, I came across this little gem.

A photograph of my gorgeous boy taken by my other gorgeous boy.

21 thoughts on “Give a toddler a camera

  1. That is beautiful,and a photo to treasure.I have one of my Daughters that I came across quite unexpectedly after they’d got hold of the Ipad one day.

  2. So cute. My daughter’s school recently invited us in for a photography exhibition by her class. As they are only in reception (so 4 or 5) I was expecting lots of out of focus pictures of shoes and table legs – but no, it was a proper artistic exhibition. I was amazed, they had done some amazing close up photos and things around the class room giving a whole new perspective on them.

  3. 2nd row 2nd from the left :-) There’s also a boob shot included. I worry about his future career choice.

  4. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find a nice one. I’d anticipated having to delete the lot.

  5. That sounds fantastic. He was so excited to be the one taking the photos rather than being photographed. I’ll definitely let him do it again.

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