Handbags, Their Exclusivity And Laws Governing Them

A thing of beauty for women is something that is expensive and in many cases, it is either a costume, a neck piece or even a pair of shoes or sandals. And to them, any style of decking up or dressing up is incomplete without the apt accessories like the best jewelry, watches and a clutch or a handbag of course. The trend today is not the big hanging bags but the small, cute purses and clutches that are seen adorning the hands of all the celebrities. They are small, comfortable and fashionable too. And since they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, they go with almost all types of attires and is also a parameter that allows duplication. The many different styles and models are where the non-brands take advantage and replicate the maker of the original brands cheating the customers of their huge expenditure. People generally do not hesitate to pay high for branded products and hence in cases where it becomes difficult to differentiate the originals from the fakes, especially in cases of top brand handbags, they get disappointingly cheated. So here is how the law defends the interests of the end users.

The USA is one country where there are strict rules and restrictions on such issues and one very famous act is the Lanham Act. The Lanham Act, USA, is a law against such frauds of brand name and trademark infringements. This law demands that the person filing a legal issue against a particular seller for defrauding him with the fake ones should belong to the country where the law is practiced, here it is the USA and that the product should be out of or should not be conflicting the foreign terms and conditions. And it also demands that the case should be substantiated with proofs proving damage or hit on the US commerce.


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