I am me

When I was back in the UK last week, a friend asked me when my maternity leave was due to end and would I be heading back to work.

My answer?

‘I’m not going back. I’m going to be just a mum.’

Just a mum.

But none of us are ‘just a mum’. We are way more than that.

Here’s who I am.
I am meI am: a wife, A MOTHER, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend.

I am sometimes: HAPPY, nostalgic, homesick, silly, bossy, kind, BRAVE, brutally honest, organised, frustrated, fuelled by temper, sad, FUNNY, a control freak, lonely, a terrible cook, cheeky, CHARMING.

I like: SEEING MY BOYS’ SMILES LIGHT UP THEIR FACES, early mornings when the house is quiet and nobody else is awake, trashy books, ginger ale, watching Wimbledon with a glass of champagne, Thai food, LAS VEGAS, Paul’s sense of humour, sitting in the garden at my mum and dad’s house watching the sun go down, Bonfire Night, really sour sweets, SPA weekends, perfectly fitting jeans, the smell of leather, watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting, LAUGHING WITH MY BROTHERS.

I dislike: when Paul works away, when my boys are sick, CREEPY CRAWLIES, long haul flights in economy, being made to feel obliged to do something that I don’t want to do, VODKA, camping, hotel hairdryers, HORROR FILMS, lots of clutter, fruit for pudding, CRICKET, not being a size 8, spending three hours in the hairdressers having highlights, that I’ve been in Switzerland for over six years and still haven’t bumped in to Roger Federer, Top Gear, heavy metal music, RUNNING OUT OF CHOCOLATE.

I am me. I am way more than just a mum.

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I am me
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  1. I love this post! I have a very similar one in the pipeline myself!
    There are some gorgeous pictures of you there and I too love super sour sweets, all sweets should be sour!

  2. This is so fantastic! I think we sometimes forget in the chaos that we are more than just mummy and this post has reminded me of just that.

    Yet again, thank you for enlightening my day

  3. great Blog . I found it so hard the staying at home mum thing . I was far more than a mum .Society needs to put this unpaid job back where it brings .The most important job you will ever do .You are right to dig your feet in and relish in your decision to stay at home .

  4. So true…We are far more than mother’s and I love “just being a Mum” anyway! I found myself nodding to your like and dislike lists by the way! I hate top gear! :D

  5. Fabulous post! I love the words you used to describe yourself and the quirky way of writing them. We are all so much more than just a Mum and I think that you may well look back on this post to remind yourself on days when you feel a little bogged down in Motherhood! You should send this round as a meme!

  6. Great post
    LOVE #notjustamum – Been feeling like this today. I am not just a cook, cleaner, waitress, bum wiper, dog walker, blah blah blah!
    Will link up soon.

  7. So true. My little boy has just turned 10 months and it is hard seeing friends return to work after their maternity leave has come to an end, but it is important to us for me to be looking after our son. I’ve been suffering a bit from an identity crisis and it’s nice to be reminded that I’m not ‘just’ a mum!

  8. Excellent, and great to make this a link-up post, we all need to keep reminding ourselves that we are not ‘just a mum’. I actually have two posts about this, one of which I happened to have posted today, but I won’t be greedy and just add one link! :-) xJudith

  9. Link it up when you’ve written it, Franki. I’d love to read it. Sour sweets are my real weakness. I had to cut them out when I was pregnant and I missed them so much.

  10. Thank you! I’ve only been a mum for three years so I’ve had 33 years to work on all my other qualities :-)

  11. Yes, I did notice that my photos are mainly of the social variety :-) Please join in. That would be great x

  12. You’re more than welcome! And thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it x

  13. Thanks Fiona. I don’t judge anyone that goes back to work but I wanted to stay at home and bring my boys up myself. Maybe I won’t like it and maybe I won’t be good at it, but I really want to do it.

  14. If I leave Switzerland without having met the divine Roger then I’ll consider the seven years here wasted. Wasted, I tell you!

  15. I can’t believe I did it to myself though. Need to start looking on it as a bit more than being ‘just a mum’.

  16. I felt compelled to watch the horrid programme because I worked in the auto industry. Now I never have to again :-)

  17. Yes, I’m not so sure my teeth are in the best condition after the amount I’ve eaten. Really need to cut down on them.

  18. Thank you! I’m not really fond of having my photo taken so was surprised to find so many.

  19. Thanks for the meme idea. As you now know, I took your suggestion and ran with it. I’m finding that music is also an amazing reminder of who I am. Every time I hear an old tune, it takes me back to who I was and what I was doing at that time. It’s wonderful.

  20. Some days it just gets a little much, doesn’t it? You do so much for everyone else that you only get a few minutes here and there to do something for yourself.

  21. I know! I’m overwhelmed by the number of people who it resonated with and then joined in. It’s wonderful.

  22. Same here, Jo. My friends are heading back to work but I just couldn’t. I know it’s not going to be easy but I want to give it my best shot.

  23. And there’s going to be a day when they’re not our babies anymore and we’ll need to remember who we were without them. We don’t want to be left with no life of our own once they flee the nest x

  24. what a fab post! I do forget who I am sometimes. My life is so concentrated on my son, I don’t even think about myself at all any more. Have linked up :-)

  25. Thank you so much for joining in … even if you only get to sneak a few minutes a day to be not just a mum :-)

  26. I really really loved this post- found you through Charlotte (WLNOW) and have linked up! I especially like your comment ‘running out of chocolate!’ definitely. xxxx

  27. Thanks for linking up. I’ll be over to have a read later. Running out if chocolate is just the worst! Xx

  28. Thank you so much, Mich. That really means a lot to me. I didn’t intend it to turn in to something so big. It was meant just for me but so many people said they’d like to write it for themselves as well. They’ve been wonderful to read x

  29. I may be very late to the party, but I loved this post when I first saw it and I have finally had a few minutes of being #notjustamum to put together my own :) I need to have more minutes like this :)

  30. Thank you so much for joining in, Sara. It’s a post that I keep coming back to when I need to remind myself that there’s more to me than wiping noses :-)

  31. Thank you! I’ll be over to have a read the moment I can steal a few minutes on the laptop.

  32. I wondered why I hadn’t seen a post from you lately. Will pop over to have a read tomorrow and also add your new blog to my favourites on bloglovin. Good to know you’re okay x

  33. Hello Rachel! I am probaby late to the party but I’ve only just found your blog – and I’m glad I did! It’s fab. Look forward to reading more posts.

  34. Hi! A huge thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment. I’ve been blogging for over two years now but while you might be a little late, it’s lovely that you finally found me x

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