Kiss Me, Honey Honey – theBabaSling Baby Carrier review

When CK was born, using a baby carrier or sling never crossed my mind. Unlike most babies, he wasn’t that keen on being held preferring to sit in his bouncy chair and survey his new kingdom. He still maintains that distance as a toddler; always on high alert for the next adventure, throwing himself on you for the quickest of hugs and then bounding off in search sticks, leaves or creepy crawlies.

BB is a completely different baby. A sleepy cuddler who would never take his head of my chest if he had his way. His eyes seek me out at all times and he’s not happy if I venture too far away from him. While lovely, with a thrill-seeking toddler to chase after, it’s not an entirely practical situation.

To try to make things more manageable, I bought a baby carrier. One of those all-singing, all-dancing, straps, bolts, inserts, attachments things. I had visions of strapping a happily sleeping BB to me while enjoying bracing walks with CK. BB had other ideas and screamed every time I tried to manoeuvre him in to. Well, I can’t really blame him. The closest thing it resembles is a straight jacket.

Step forward, theBabaSling – or rather theBabaSling Lite, as we’ve been testing the ultra-lightweight version of theBabaSling Classic, designed especially for warmer climates and hotter weather.

The hammock style of the sling is designed to support a baby’s weight evenly without putting pressure on developing hips and spine. It keeps your baby snug and close to you offering five different carrying positions, including two for discrete breastfeeding. Here’s a brilliant video that explains the key features and the versatility of the sling:

But how did we fare with it?

theBabaSling Lite in MintBB loves how close he is to me in it. It’s almost like the sling is enveloping him in to a wonderful loving hug. He’s able to move a little and snuggle up to me but it still feels very secure. Getting him in to it (something I was a little worried about doing) is easy. Watching the comprehensive video tutorials for each carrying position certainly helped make me feel more confident about what to do. Of the five positions, BB favours sitting up and facing towards me – the Koala Cuddle. In fact, his current most favourite thing is to be koala cuddled and danced round the room while I sing Kiss Me, Honey Honey to him. He positively squeals with laughter.

We truly tested theBabaSling at the weekend as we went to a wedding in Germany and BB spent most of the afternoon in it. My back did start to ache after a couple of hours but it was great to be able to comfort and keep him quiet during the ceremony and also have my hands free for the drinks reception afterwards. And I’m sure that being so close to me made him feel more secure in such strange surroundings with a lot of unknown people. I’m really glad that I could use it rather than having to wheel a pram round.

I’m certain that we’re going to get a lot more use out of it in the future, especially as it’s designed for babies up to 15 kg.

theBabaSling Lite
My final piece of advice would be to try every sling and baby carrier to see which type you find the most comfortable, both for you and the baby. The right one can make all the difference and I am over the moon that theBabaSling works for us. It retails at £39.99 so won’t break the bank either.

theBabaSling®You can find theBabySling:

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Disclaimer: I was provided with theBabaSling Lite free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are strictly my own.


12 thoughts on “Kiss Me, Honey Honey – theBabaSling Baby Carrier review

  1. We have a babasling but I must be honest we haven’t used it that much yet. I really ought to get the sling out more but I just find the buggy easier than faffing about. He is so cute, I like seeing a close up of him- he looks a lot like you. x

    1. I use a lot around the home as well – saves my back from the the cuddling and carrying around that he likes. I’m slowly but surely becoming more comfortable about sharing a few photos. I think it will be nice for the boys to look back on x

  2. He looks so cute and comfy in it! I was a big Baby Bjorn user as my eldest liked to be carried everywhere and with no toddler it was easier to get around without a pushchair. I didn’t use it much with my middle one as he was so big and we mainly used the double buggy. My daughter was another one who liked to be carried, so I used the Baby Bjorn in the house so I could cook the tea and clear up without her screaming! Yes, I got stuff out of the oven with a baby attached to me! Bad mummy.

    1. Oooo yes, bad mummy ;-) I’m finding it so handy for when he won’t settle. I can just pop him in it and carry on with my washing and stuff. Also means I can go for a walk with CK without having to take the pram. It’s so convenient.

  3. My eldest was a really clingy baby so a sling was an absolute necessity for me although that was 18 years ago and it didn’t look nearly as stylish and comfy as your one!

    1. It’s such a nice and comfortable sling. theBabaSling saw me moaning on twitter about BB not linking the baby carrier I’d bought so offered me one of their’s instead. A fairytale story :-)

    1. I hope you get the chance. I’m loving having another little baby in the house. He’s growing so fast though x

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