Milk & Mummy – beautiful breastfeeding clothes

Baby weight.


My least favourite thing about having two children. A cruel, cruel punishment for having carried the little darlings around in my tummy for nine months and occasionally eating the odd piece of chocolate fudge cake too many.

But now the weight has pretty much gone, I’m still left with the clothing conundrum of what to wear while breastfeeding.

I need tops to be loose enough that I can easily manoeuvre them when I need to feed BB in public, but not so roomy that they billow around me and create a still-pregnant silhouette. And don’t get me started on fancy occasions. I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks and trying to find something smart but breastfeeding friendly for that has been a nightmare.

But then I came across the gem that is Milk & Mummy. Launched in 2012 by former retail buyer Emma Downie, Milk & Mummy came in to being after Emma struggled to find flattering dresses and tops that were also practical for nursing her daughter.

Emma’s keen eye for beautifully cut clothes in practical fabrics can be seen throughout her online store and all have the benefit of handy breastfeeding openings. Some are designed specifically for the nursing period but others combine maternity and nursing making them extremely good value for money.

Here’s what’s on my shopping list for this summer – I’ve narrowed it down to three but given free rein could have filled a virtual trolley full:

Milk & MummyFrom L to R: Bella – light taupe £39; Bea – istanbul print £95; Rachel – cream print £39.

Milk & Mummy are offering Three Years & Home readers 10 percent off their first order if placed before the end of June. Simply use the code 3YEARS10 prior to checkout. Sale items are not included though.

6 thoughts on “Milk & Mummy – beautiful breastfeeding clothes

    1. Nice idea, isn’t it? I wear a lot of jersey fabrics at the mo but am sick of hoiking them up and flashing my not so toned stomach. Nice to have something a little more discreet.

    1. The dress is lovely, isn’t it? And perfect for a wedding. Plus, it won’t show dribble marks or the toddler’s yoghurt fingers :-)

    1. It’ll be nice to wear something that doesn’t mean flashing a ton of flesh when trying to feed the baby :-)

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