What’s for tea, mum?

Isn’t amazing how quickly you regress when you’re back at your parents’ house?

From the age of 36 to 12 in the space of a two-hour flight from Zürich to Manchester.

‘What’s for tea, mum?’

‘Dad, my hairdryer’s not working.’

‘Mum, I can’t find my grey top.’

It’s like I’ve never been away even though I’ve not really lived with them since I left for university at 18.

While writing this, CK is fast asleep in my old bedroom. A bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars lighting up the ceiling that I almost broke my neck to place there over twenty years ago. A bedroom with a slightly wonky mirror on the wall caused by my brother coming home drunk and banging in to it one night as he came in to the wrong room. A bedroom that just about held me and my excited brothers on Christmas Eves – a night that saw us share a room and shout ‘Has he been yet?’ every five minutes much to the annoyance of my dad.

It’s so nice to be home.

And my mum and dad. Much the same and dependable as ever but with the addition of laptops and smart phones. Mum sat on one side of the sofa ‘winning’ things that she doesn’t even want on eBay. Dad on the other, trawling Auto Trader for cars he’ll never buy and insisting that he compare car insurance even though his isn’t up for renewal for another six months. And the TV blaring with programmes that neither of them are really watching.

At what age do you have to have the TV at a volume level that even the neighbours a mile away can hear?

I’m smiling while writing this but seriously contemplating investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

We’re having a wonderful time though. CK is thoroughly enjoying being able to open the front door and set foot straight on to the garden rather than a small concrete balcony. We’re spending most of our time outdoors – playing with the animals, going for long walks and popping to see neighbours that have known me since I was pretty much the same age as my boys.

And another plus point to being home? Having fifteen minutes to sit down and have a warm cup of tea while my brother and his girlfriend take CK out for a walk with their dog.
Walking the dogYes. It’s really nice to be home.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post but the story is true.

6 thoughts on “What’s for tea, mum?

  1. Aaw! I bet it’s lovely to be home wih your parents and family! I have been to my dads house since my university days, would feel weird sleeping in my old room :-)
    CK must be having a ball x

    1. It’s strange but fun. My husband and I have been friends since school so he pretty much grew up here too (but he’s always hated the stars on the ceiling).

    1. Not a lot has changed apart from old wardrobe and chest of drawers being full of mum’s eBay ‘winnings’ ;-)

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