Dreaming of desert islands and faraway shores

Is it just me that’s dreaming of sunshine? Of a getaway? Spending my evenings flicking through the First Choice brochure looking longingly at sandy beaches and pool bars. Picturing myself bikini-clad (and two stone lighter), book in hand, cocktail on the little table next to my sun lounger, kids splashing happily in the water with their papa.

I think I do this every year. March means the start of Spring and with it, I always hope for warmer weather. And I’m always disappointed. Shouldn’t the end of Winter signify the start of short-sleeve season? Apparently not, it seems. So I dream of desert islands and faraway shores instead.

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Sharing my latest love – London Transport Museum Shop

London Transport Museum Shop
When we moved back from Switzerland before Christmas, as transportation costs were extortionate, we didn’t bring at lot back with us because it worked out cheaper to replace most things.

While Paul focused on the more practical items like a step ladder and a lawn mower, all I could think about was the potential to purchase some new cups and saucers.

And I found them somewhere that I never expected … the London Transport Museum Shop.

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Good enough reason for a new outfit?

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my amazing BritMums Live sponsor, The Mumdrum (if you haven’t yet checked out their #52memories project, please do as it’s such a lovely idea).

Well, the clock is ticking and we’re just over two months away from the conference so BritMums have asked everyone attending to share a little bit about themselves on their blogs … an apéritif prior to the main meal, so to speak.

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The MoKee mini – the great value, great looking cot

MoKee Baby Cot Bed & Cribs
Anyone who’s had a child will know that as soon as that positive test is in your hand, you get this all-consuming itch to immerse yourself in nursery products and buy the most expensive, crazy-sounding things that you can get your hands on … ones that you need and ones, that with hindsight, you’ll regret because you never, ever use them.

But stop right there. Stop! If you’re pregnant and reading this, believe me when I say that you don’t need to spend hundreds on a hand crafted, made by fairies cot. There’s a super cool brand on the market called MoKee, who offer a really great looking cot (in colours other than white or pine) and at the most amazing price.

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