Reasons why my son is crying

Reasons why my son is crying
I hate it when my son cries. I want to pick him up and hug away everything that is upsetting him. I feel the pain that he is in as if it were my own.

But there are some days that he cries for the most absurd reasons. Reasons so bizarre that I find myself looking on in amazement with an ‘are you for real’ look on my face. My stress levels start to rise and I have no idea what to think or how to react.

Inspired by Greg Pembroke’s Reasons My Son Is Crying blog (you MUST take a look at this as it’s hilarious), here’s some of the most recent reasons why CK has seen fit to cry, scream and throw himself on the floor.

– he wasn’t allowed to lie on the bed and kick me in the back while I fed BB.

– he had cereal for breakfast and not the requested spaghetti with lollipops.

– I called him angel.

– because BB should live with his grandparents and not with us.

– because Lego’s not a game that can be played at 03:30.

– because he dreamt that the little girl from next door came in his room and hit him while he was sleeping.

– he couldn’t suck up his fried rice with a straw.

– because I called Coke Coke when it should be called Lemonly.

– he wasn’t allowed to spoon sugar out of the bag in to his mouth.

– he couldn’t wear four pairs of underpants over his nappy.

And those are in just one week.

Please tell me I’m not alone. What are the strangest things your little one has cried about?

26 thoughts on “Reasons why my son is crying

  1. I love these, I completely laughed out loud! We had a total meltdown a few weeks ago because I wouldn’t let Dylan steal a random man’s shoe from Clarks, but I am sure in a few months time I will be able to write a great list!

  2. Haha that’s so funny, I can completely sympathise..z is just like this sometimes. The other day he had a meltdown because there wasn’t a picture of a bumblebee on his vest. Love that CK has tried to suck up rice through a straw!

  3. Isabel’s are normally associated with shoes – why Mummy are you stopping me from wearing my open toed sandals in the rain??? Cruel, evil Mummy.

    I have learnt to live with it!

  4. That’s brilliant – especially lego at 3.30am (although I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time!) Miss S loves to cry at everything – latest one was that she wasn’t allowed a glass of champagne…!

  5. Oh your not alone here at all! My daughter cries for the craziest reasons! Thank you for this post because its reassured me that I also am not alone when it comes to weird and odd reasons that toddlers cry for! X x x

  6. This really made me laugh. Little A is the same…. but for some reason my memory has gone walkies. The last one was hilarious – that he can’t wear four pairs of pants over is nappy. And I love his don’t-mess-with-me expression in that picture!

  7. These all sound like PERFECTLY reasonable reasons to cry. OK, I’m just saying that to make myself feel better because my 2 year old is exactly the same. At least we can laugh about it (said as we rock and dribble into our glasses of wine). My 2 year old tells me I’m ‘mean’ because I won’t let him climb out of the front window, rip pages out of books or change the settings on my computer. The poor little mites are being dragged up! Great post, made me laugh (and maybe cry a bit, too).

  8. My kids don’t cry *cough*
    Apart from maybe when I refuse to call Lil L Snowwhite, Cinderella or Ariel

  9. Haha! So glad I’m not alone. This morning my 3 and 4 year olds cried when they realised that I hadn’t put their belts in their bags. I’d told them they weren’t allowed to wear belts over their t-shirts to school/nursery.They thought they looked like super heroes, I thought they looked like muppets. They will thank me one day ;)

  10. They are brilliant! I’m sure my kids would have cried at such things when they were that age. Even at 9 my younger son cries a lot and sometimes it doesn’t seem justified. But I wrap him up in a little ball and cuddle him to make it all go away. Hmm, wonder why he does it?!

  11. Haha, loving this! Miss B isn’t much of a crier, if she cries I know there is something really wrong so I’m a little jealous of the drama ;)

  12. Oh my,how this brings back memories and makes me so glad mine are older now, lol!

    Although I do have one whinger/ cryer and her tears are nearly always bought on by her twin!

    Mich x

  13. Oh goodness, I have a kindred spirit in parenting!!! Really enjoyed(is that the right thing to say), reading your post. We are all in it together really,aren’t we?

  14. These children conspire against us, don’t they? They’re taking over the world.

  15. Funny little things, aren’t they? We had a major meltdown last week because CK’s eyes are brown and he wants them to be blue. Huge tears!

  16. The reasons get stranger and stranger but nice to see the humour in them rather than getting annoyed.

  17. The trick is trying to see the funny side rather than getting stressed. It can be hard to do. Good to write them down so you can laugh about it later though.

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