I’m happy to review cool items that are relevant to me or my boys. I like innovative, fun or stylish products and products that stand the test of time. I don’t conduct too many reviews on my blog as I like to take the time to properly test anything that we’re sent. If I like it, I will also sing its praises on my twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, google+ and instagram pages too.

If you’d like to discuss a potential review with me, please contact me at

Here are some recent reviews:

CaféPod clever coffee capsules
The Fine Bedding Company … saving my sanity (somewhat)

Difrax BtoB breast pump review

School bus delayed as rabbit and chicken refuse to move from road

The moKee mini – the great value, great looking cot

A cup that doesn’t leak and awesomely intelligent bowls

Carte Noire coffee tasting challenge

tinyme Bots & Bolts wall stickers – brightening up BB’s bedroom

Just like the adverts

The perfect bath

Dinosaur spotted at Delamere 

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I am friends with Helen Anderson who has told me repeatedly about your blog and I love it!!!! It makes me smiles every time I read it so well done!!!Carry on, although it’s not helping my laughter lines (wrinkles).

    Marie x

    1. I didn’t know Helen was pimping my blog for me. Wonderful! It’s so nice to hear that someone other than those I force to are reading my blog. Really happy to hear that you enjoy it and many thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. R xx

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