Sales shopping and the second best shop in town

Last Friday, I hit the sales. In truth, I hit the sale. Singular. Too fearful of getting a baby and toddler on to one of the death-trams and hitting the shops of Zürich, I ventured a ten minute walk in to the town closest to where we live to have a browse around it’s very best shop … H&M. Yes, H&M is it’s best shop. And it doesn’t have a close competitor either.

This is the town’s second best shop (excuse the reflections; you’ll understand that I couldn’t enter for fear of spending an absolute fortune).

Second best shop
Not just content with selling last decade’s most flammable fashions, it believes that it can wow you so much that you’ll commission a pair of the very best polyester curtains while you’re there. A real treat for the eyes. Seriously, one match and that whole place is a goner.

So H&M it was. Not really a favourite shop of mine but when temperatures reach their 30s and I’m smothering myself in vat loads of sunblock, I don’t want to pay a fortune for the clothes that I’m inevitably going to ruin. I may have sneaked a couple of other things in to my basket too. You know, it’d be rude to leave with only what you came for.

So here’s my Friday haul.

Sales shopping
Top: five vests (yes, I am a HUGE fan of the stripe) – 44.70 francs / £30.90
Middle: top (yes, more stripes) – 10 francs / £6.90 , trousers (I LOVE these) – 10 francs / £6.90
Bottom: my beloved Gandys flip flops (not purchased on Friday but they did arrive in the post last week and I wore them to go shopping in so felt I had to include them) £19.99

These are the latest additions to my ever so slightly improving wardrobe but I still have quite a way to go to find it less wanting.

Have you hit the summer sales yet? Will you be venturing to your town’s second best shop? Surely I’ve convinced you of the delights it could possibly behold.

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6 thoughts on “Sales shopping and the second best shop in town

    1. Shopping over here is really not a delight. Expensive and lousy selection. Hope Germany is a bit better (I think it must be because everyone I know here seems to pop to Germany for the day when they need anything).

    1. I like the clothes in H&M and have found some really great bargains but it makes me sad that they don^t wash very well or last very long. I guess that’s the trade off for the great prices.

  1. It must be hard having to find out what all the good shops are in a foreign country. I am useless at shopping nowadays cause I am not particularly comfortable in my skin- I used to love it! Good haul regardless! x

    1. It’s so hard as it’s incredibly expensive here. I tend to shop mainly in the UK but now again I have to buy something in between trips home. I can’t say that I’m a hundred percent happy with my body post-kids but it could be worse. Stuffing my face with chocolate doesn’t really help the matter.

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