Some things that I love #7

What little glimpse we had of spring seems to have left Switzerland this week. The weather can only be described as ‘grey’. This hasn’t dampened my mood though and things will become even brighter this afternoon when my mum and her best friend arrive in Zürich for the weekend … and they’re bringing me a brand new camera that I’m very excited to get my hands on.

But before I bid you farewell for a weekend of family fun, here are some things I’ve loved this week.

Some thing I read. I read the funniest article this week that had Paul and I almost peeing our pants with laughter. Reddit asked parents to submit some of the creepiest things their children had come out with and quite frankly, there’s some strange but hilarious kids out there. Thousands of terrifying responses were received and Metro has picked ten of the best. My personal favourite is number 3.

Some thing I watched. I’m still mourning the end of my beloved Broadchurch but I’ve heard rumours of a second series so keeping my fingers crossed for that. But this week, a little bit late to the party, I started watching Endeavour and it is amazing. I loved Morse and loved its Oxford-setting. It’s wonderful to see Shaun Evans pick up some of John Thaw’s quirks and mannerisms. It’s a great watch.

Some thing I wore. In my quest to rejuvenate my make up bag, I’ve invested in a Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin’ Watermelon – a perfect colour for when we get a little more sunshine. Why has no one told me about these before?! It’s a lip balm but with a subtle hint of colour and even though I’ve only been wearing it for a few days now it has already made my lips feel so much softer.

Some thing I listened to. I have not consciously listened to any music this week. Do you ever get days where everything just seems so loud that you simply crave peace and quiet? I’ve felt like that this week. I’ve relished silence with no need to fill it.

Some thing I cannot live without. Time to admit my gluttony. I came across a wonderful toddler-friendly recipe for a no-bake nutella cheescake at the weekend and it was divine. So much so, that when Paul came home from work on Monday night and saw how little there was left, he assumed I’d given some to the neighbours. Nope. Just me.

Cheesecake recipe
Such an easy recipe for a really yummy cake. Definitely worth a try.

So that’s what I’ve loved this week. How about you? Anything to share?

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20 thoughts on “Some things that I love #7

    1. Click on the picture and it’ll whisk you straight to the recipe. And beware … those kids are really creepy.

  1. The creepiest things kids say is awesome! Love that kind of thing. I’ve not watched Endeavor as I wasn’t sure if it was my kind of thing, now you’ve mentioned it though I might try it out on ITV player. I too have heard great things about chubby sticks, may just have to invest!

    Thanks for joining in and have a great weekend xx

    1. So funny, aren’t they? Not sure I’d react if my son came out with anything like that though. Give Endeavour a try. It really is quite clever.

  2. Too funny I too was nearly wetting myself when I read the creepy things kids say earlier this week! Have a great weekend & say hi to your mum for us xx

  3. I like the sound of the Chubby Stick. I have heard from them but not invested (I’ll put it on a list of duty free stuff when we come home for a wedding in Sept!) I know what you mean about music although I’ve been the opposite. As an avid radio listener I’ve been really struggling without the radio (esp in the mornings) then I had a brainwave that I could listen online AND plug it into the boat stereo and pump it out just like being at home. I do know what you mean though, when I was driving I’d have periods of loud music followed by days of silence (only when the kids weren’t in the car!)
    Enjoy your weekend with your Mum and sis and we look forward to seeing some of you pics with your new camera. x

    1. Chubby Sticks are amazing. Need to stop myself from buying them in every colour now. Treat yourself!

  4. I love that Metro article! ‘I love you so much I want to cut your head off and carry it round with me so I can see your face whenever I want’. Genius!

    I also love the clinique chubby stick. My last one ended up in a potty full of wee though and kinda put me off.

    So I’m new to your blog, clicked on the link on butwhymummywhy’s page. Nice to meet you!

    1. Freaky but really funny. Love things like that but glad it’s not my child.

      I’ll pop over and visit your blog too. This linky is such a nice one.

    1. Glad you like it. Quite enjoying my new found hobby of tinkering with images. Time consuming though.

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