Some things that I love #8

Is it Friday again? Really?

This week has had its ups and downs. I spent Monday frowning at Twitter and Facebook with all the tales and photos of bank holiday fun because it was a normal working day in Switzerland. However, I can get my own back as it was a national holiday here yesterday and a lot of companies have given their employees a ‘free day’ today so after dropping CK off at nursery this morning, Paul and I took ourselves (and a sleeping BB) in to Zürich for lunch.

But without further ado, here’s what I’ve loved this week.

Some thing I read. Paul and I have had a couple of conversations this week about whether we’ve been doing enough with CK since BB was born. I think we both feel a little guilty that he’s gone from having all of our attention to half and there have been a couple of jealous moments. But then we listed all the good: he eats well, sleeps well, we read to him every day, we spend a couple of hours outside every day, we play puzzles and Lego and colouring for the remainder of the day. Yes, the TV has been on a little more lately and yes, we can’t always immediately respond when he wants something, but, we really are doing the very best we can. And Steve Wiens’ article in the Huffington Post made me feel even better - To Parents of Small Children: Let Me Be the One Who Says It Out Loud. If you’ve ever had moments when you feel like a terrible parent, then this is a must-read for you.

Some thing I watched. It has to be The Apprentice. Every year, I swear that I’m never watching it again but as soon as I hear the opening bar of Dance of the Knights, I’m hooked. I don’t know whether the contestants are forced in to being as pompous as humanly possible during their intro pitches but seriously, could they make themselves sound any more ridiculous? However, a couple of gems do emerge throughout the series and I’m looking forward to seeing who actually has any talent behind their over inflated ego.

Some thing I wore. A couple of weeks ago, Paul joked that I should get my eyes tested because I couldn’t read something on the iPhone that he’d thrust right in my face. While it was said in jest, I went to get them tested anyway. The result? I’m now wearing these.

New glasses
Some thing I listened to. We watched WALL-E earlier this week and in one of the earlier scenes you can hear Louis Armstrong singing Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose. It’s a song that seems to have captured both my boys. CK asked me to sing it to him over and over again when we went for a long walk on Tuesday and BB likes it hummed to him before he goes to bed. It really is a lovely, lovely song.

Some thing I cannot live without. I mentioned earlier that we’ve been out for lunch today. Well, we went to my favourite restaurant, Le Cèdre, for Lebanese food. Lebanese food is by far my favourite and some thing that I definitely cannot live without. We had hoped to sit outside but rain stopped play.

Yummy Lebanese

So that’s what I’ve loved this week. How about you? Anything to share?

P.S. Next week, I’m going to be revisiting some of my favourite times since living in Switzerland. Think mountains and chocolate … and you’d be very wrong.

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10 thoughts on “Some things that I love #8

    1. I was a bit unsure at first but I like them now. My husband keeps sniggering about the ‘sexy secretary’ look.

  1. I discovered Lebanese food last year – yummy isn’t it?! I also have been sucked in by the Apprentice for yet another year – I need more willpower! Lovely post x

    1. It’s difficult to stop watching it once you start because you want to see who’s really as good as they claim to be … or bad.

  2. Great article, really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing. Am with you on the Apprentice. Have been shouting at the tv already!

    1. I always sit in disbelief at how arrogant they are. Surely they’ve seen previous series’ and know how people sit in horror at their over inflated claims?

    1. I have to write myself little reminders as the week goes on. My head is so full of the children that I seem to forget another life exists.

  3. I always enjoy your ‘some things I love’ posts. And I love, love, love The Apprentice – got hooked again this year – and aren’t they a bunch of horrors this time around, and so argumentative. I did like the concept or rhubarb and caramel beer though! X.

    1. The beer task was a good one. I can’t wait to see who emerges as a nice person/real talent. It’s tough to call at the moment.

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