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The 1970s DietLast but by no means least, I have guest post from Natasha who blogs at the brilliant and funny The 1970s Diet. Although we’ve never met, I know that we’re going to spend our retirement years making regular trips to Vegas together in order to stalk Brandon Flowers when he’s no longer young and fit enough to run away from us.

When I offered up my services for a guest post, whilst your resident blogger, Mrs Far from Home Mama aka Three Years from Home aka Rachel goes off on her jollies – I thought GREAT! A different ranting platform. I can rant and rage about all manner of things that piss me off on a daily basis and possibly throw in a few dieting tips to boot. Let me at this unsuspecting bunch of followers. A hell of a lot of followers, have you seen how many she’s got? Too many I’d say. Best you all unfollow and head on over to me. I’m just kidding, I’m not bitter. I can’t be – she made me a badge for my blog and everything. She’s nice. I like to think I have a cult following. It’s all good.

Me, me, me, lets talk about Rachel. So having agreed to relinquish control of her slick, clean, organised blog she says “oh by way, the theme is ‘spring’”. Theme?! Theme?! What is this you speak of? Bloody typical. She’s so fucking organised she’s even thought about what she wants talked about in her absence. Okay, I can do this, a post to order with a theme.

So I think do I talk about the Spring? Yellow, daffs, Easter. Done. Yawn. Do I talk about how my husband loves the spring because he hates the winter? He reckons he’s got that SAD syndrome – you know Seasonal Affective Disorder – seasonal bollocks more like. If an emotion can have a tag, a label, its gonna get one isn’t it? I can hear my granddad from beyond the ashes, saying in his Derby accent, “do what?!” tut, shake his head and think we didn’t have time to be SAD when fighting the Germans in Italy at the tender age of 17. It gets dark in the winter, get over it. If you live in the UK you have this thing called seasons – Winter (its cold), Spring (its cold), Summer (a different version of cold) and Autumn (its cold). So I reckon if you live here you need to overcome your SAD shit.

I do actually love my husband very much if that’s not coming across – he gets a little down as he loves the spring and we joke about his SAD syndrome. We have a rule in this house – you’re allowed to be ‘depressed’ for 2 days maximum. Anything beyond that is self-indulgent – that includes my good self.

Or I could talk about, how, ordinarily for me (and I suspect for other dieters) Spring time is the time you reflect, ponder and ask how’s that “lose 2 stone by April” working out for you? It’s the time of year when you think I should have lost much more by now. Panic, alarm bells set in, not to mention an imaginary huge clock (careful on the spelling!) ticking in your fat head and you start mentally thinking I’ve got X amount of weeks to lose X amount of weight for X, X, and X event. Replace X with holiday, wedding etc. Its a reality check. If you don’t get your arse in gear by this time its unlikely you’re going meet any targets you set yourself in January. Repeat this process for the vast majority of your life. No don’t think I’ll write about that.

So what, what, what. Well I think I came across Rachel during the spring. Yes, that’s it, we found each other on twitter in amongst the bloggeratti. She made a comment and uploaded a picture of a dent in her sofa that her fat arse had made. Her words not mine. She likes a Cadbury’s cream egg so she does. In my day, you could only eat them around about Easter time – spring time. Don’t get me started on them being on sale on 2nd January. I digress. I like her honesty, her obsession with chocolate things and nice cups of coffee. I liked the fact she lived in Zürich (I’ve been there once), I liked her slick blog. I reckon she’s calm, measured, organised and possibly a bit of a hard nut and yet I’ve never met her.

We were sprung together in the spring time. How about that. Its funny isn’t it how your life pans out? People you’ve never met will enter your life time line. We didn’t know each other and yet our paths have crossed. I trusted her and liked her from the off. We had a connection. I know we would have been friends in real-time – not virtual time. I would have got chatting (yes, I would have initiated the chat, probably commented on some baby accessory that still looked clean) at a playgroup and she/I would have said something to confirm we hated the same people. Friendship sealed.

Even better as I’ve come to know her (the only blogger who has access to my facebook page don’t you know!) I discovered she loves The Killers, Brandon Flowers, Las Vegas and other stuff. You know when someone says what they like and you’re waving your hands, jumping up and down saying “but I like that too!”

Yup, that’s it. We were sprung together in the spring time. Maybe, one day, our paths will cross in real-time but until then we will remain virtual ‘you’re like me’ buddies!

And that concludes Spring week. A big thank you to my three wonderful guest bloggers. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading their posts. Now I’m off to tend to my Brandon Flowers shrine.

See you next week.


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