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Listography – top 5 mugs

Now Kate Takes 5 suspects that this listography is so ridiculous that no one will join in. Little does she know that it was only yesterday when I confessed my crockery fetish, i.e., she is talking my language. I’m bending the rules slightly though. I’m quite partial to a more refined receptacle for my hot beverages so am including the odd cup and saucer. Here goes:

1. The cup and saucer that suggests … demands … that your drink be accompanied by a biscuit/snack

2. The cup and saucer bought with love and given to me for my very first Mothers Day

3. The heirloom cup and saucer given to me by my aunt’s mother-in-law after several years of blatant coveting

4. The comedy moustache mug – sent all the way from Texas

5. I can’t believe that I’m going to admit to owning one of these … the royal mug

There you go Kate, I think that makes me as equally weird as you.

Listography – top 5 websites

As I can’t resist a good list, I’m once again linking up with Kate Takes 5, the absolute queen of all things list-wise. One day, if I try really hard, I hope to be as list-fabulous as she is.

This week’s listography is the top 5 websites that I can’t live without. Narrowing it down from the many that I use each day is not an easy feat. But here goes:

1. In at number 1 is twitter. I messed around with it a couple of years ago and got bored but over the past few months, I’ve not been able to stay away from it. I think it must be love.

2. My second most used site is facebook – I’m using it less and less but it’s still ‘up there’ as it’s a great way for me to keep track of what friends and family are up to back in the U.K. I use it for work too but have a separate profile. Some things are better kept between friends.

3. The latest addition to sites I use daily is wordpress. I started this blog at the end of December so it’s become a fave. I’m still learning but am very much enjoying it.

4. In at 4 is an absolute life-saver for when I’ve missed the last Swiss post to get birthday gifts home on time – Interflora. It has come to the rescue on many occasion especially as they do last-minute deliveries.

5. This last one maybe doesn’t feature all year round, or every year for that matter, but right now I’m addicted to rightmove. We’re in the process of selling our house and buying a new one and I can’t get enough of nosing through photos of other people’s houses, especially ones I’ve not got a hope in hell of affording.

So that’s my list. Why not hop over to Kate’s blog to take a look at some of the others.