Ten years of spring

I love spring.

We’ve said goodbye to frosty fingers and I don’t yet have to smother my pasty, pale skin in factor one million. It’s when the year really starts to begin and we have a wonderful summer to look forward to followed by the melancholy of autumn and the magic of Christmas.

I really love spring.

But it’s also a nice time for rebirth and reflection. Saying hello to the new but also remembering what once was.

So today I give you ten years of spring; ten years of my spring.

2004 to 20072008 to 20112012 to 2013
In 2004, Paul and I went on our first holiday as a couple. We went to the beautiful Isle of Capri. We loved it so much that we went back in 2005. In 2006, we both turned 30 and had many days and nights away with friends and family to celebrate. Spring 2007 saw us attend the best wedding I have ever been to in Zell am See in Austria. I’m not a fan of weddings but this one truly wonderful and hugely entertaining – and check out how green everything is there.

We took a trip to London to visit school friends in 2008 and as you can see had a fun time in the ice bar. But my god those cocktails were disgusting. In 2009, we moved in to the apartment that we live in now and in typical Swiss fashion got the Nespresso machine up and running before anything else. The springtime of 2010 was a very special time as I was pregnant with CK and we spent a week in New York on our last pre-baby holiday. And there’s the little man pictured with me in 2011.

This time last year, in 2012, I was carrying a very small BB inside me – just 3.65 mm long. And now, in 2013, our family is complete.

My wonderful ten years of spring.

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18 thoughts on “Ten years of spring

  1. What a gorgeous post…. Spring through the years, lovely, lovely pictures. I can’t believe you were just pregnant this time last year (3.65 mm’s!!!) and now you have your baby – the last two pictures are wonderful. XXX.

  2. Wow, what a 10 years it’s been! I love looking back on all that we’ve done and achieved – very rewarding isn’t it? You’ve certainly got a lot to be proud of. Never been to Capri, I shall have a look into it :)

  3. How times change! What a brilliant post – and a brilliant idea for a post! Makes me realise how old my boys are – younger son born October 2003, so he’s been with me for 10 springs!

  4. What a great look back over the past 10 years. The last three pics, especially special. I am not sure I want a picture of my Spring 2013…. It currently involves a lot of water :/

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