The boy’s got wheels

Cool rider
Back in October, we bought CK a balance bike for his second birthday.

He sat on it, touched the floor with his tiptoes and cried.

He hated it.

Away it went.

In January we tried again. We thought it might be a nice distraction from BB arriving on the scene. Something that he could have fun with and be proud of while we got used to being a family of four.

But no.

He sat on it, touched the floor with the balls of his feet and cried.

He hated it.

Away it went.

On Sunday, the sun shone for what felt like the first day in ages.

CK looked out of the window and said, ‘Wanna go on my bike’.

Paul and I looked at each other, raised our eyebrows, shrugged our shoulders and both said, ‘Of course’.

He sat on it, put his feet flat on the floor, pushed off and went as fast as he could down the pavement.

He loved it.

The bike is here to stay.

P.S. Yes, that is a tartan tie that he’s wearing round his head. He thinks it makes him look like the Kung Fu Panda.

8 thoughts on “The boy’s got wheels

  1. Same here. He got one for Christmas when he was a month short of 2 from my parents and was quite keen on it on 25th-26th Dec but after that didn’t seem to want to go on it for long until recently when all of a sudden he goes on it for about an hour a day in the afternoon. He’s got the hang of it, letting his feet off the ground and whizzing down slopes, and I can really see why they say this is good practice for learning to ride a pedal bike!

  2. The kung fu panda tie is awesome! Love the bike too :) took us ages to get z on his and, like CK, he eventually did it when he wanted and was ready for it.

  3. They are such fickle creatures aren’t they? Love the tartan headscarf! Your photos are gorg. too, lovely lighting! :)

  4. That’s brilliant! Isn’t it amazing how they change their minds like the flick of a switch. Glad he loves it – that it sure to help with the real thing in the future! ps. Love the Kung Fu Panda look.

  5. Oh love him! My son is trying to go without stabilisers at the moment… not quite there yet as he needs to grow a couple of inches in to his bike bless him! Still perseverance is key isn’t it, but without stressing them. Well done Mum! xxx

  6. Glad he likes it now and love that he thinks he looks like Kung Fu Panda! :0) We got Bob a trike for her birthday. She can’t pedal it properly yet but she loves sitting on it! :0) x x

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