A muddy affair

For the first four years that Paul and I lived in Switzerland, we adored being close to the city centre and were thrilled with our little balcony. Sunny afternoons spent mowing the lawn and tending the flower beds were replaced with lazy sunbathing and gin and tonics.

But then CK arrived on the scene.

And everything changed.

Oh! how we missed having a garden then. Not being able to simply open the door and step on to our own little private playground. Not being able to watch from the window, cup of tea in hand, as CK played outside.

Instead, our trips to the local park require thirty minutes of preparation to pack drinks, snacks, nappies and toys and then another twenty minutes to get each boy in their coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Add on fifteen minutes to walk there and you’re left wondering why you even bother.

And that’s why spending the past week or so at my parents’ house has been an absolute joy. We’re incredibly lucky that they have a rather large garden with both horses and chickens to feed and chase after but even a small patch of grass would seem like a treat after a 3 metre square concrete balcony.

CK’s smiles have been plentiful (as have his mud-splattered clothes). Stroking the horses and feeding the chickens have become his favourite pastimes. It takes all my powers of persuasion to get him to dress and eat his breakfast before he races outside to see them every morning (although not this weekend as half a metre of snow has fallen).
Stroking horsesI don’t know how he’ll react when we have to say goodbye and head back to Zürich. I think I’ll have one sad little boy on my hands.

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15 thoughts on “A muddy affair

  1. Sounds like a perfect break and very different to Zurich for KC. The freedom of your parents garden and the animals will certainly be missed but there is always another visit to look forward to for you and the grandparents no doubt! Love the moving photos, Like Anya I’d love to know how you do that? Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. He’s in his element. When we have our Wales meet-up, you can bring your boys to see the horses. Mum loves anyone who takes the slightest interest because me and my brothers rarely bother.

  3. He was thrilled to bits. And very brave. Just ran over to touch them without a second thought.

  4. We’re having a wonderful time, thank you. Lots of snow this weekend but so nice to be home. I’ve promised Angela an email re making the photos move – I’ll send it to you as well x

  5. Always planning the next visit. It’s so nice to be home. The countryside is in my blood. I really don’t like being in the city. I’ll also copy you on the email about the pictures. Thanks for hosting such a great linky. Hope I have many more opportunities to join in the future.

  6. Oh it is so good to have open space on your door step! Gearing ourselves to go out can sometimes be the hard part but I always tell myself why I am doing it. Love the moving picture. My wee man loves animals and would probably be racing out too to see them. It is great having incentive!

  7. He looks like he is having such a great time! Perhaps you’ll have to make him a kind of moving home advent calendar so he can ‘countdown’. How long do you have left before you’re back for good?

  8. It makes a huge difference not having to pack a million bags. And we don’t even have to get dressed if we don’t want to either.

  9. He’s having a wonderful time. We’ve driven past our new house to show him where he’s going to live. He’s already requested a trampoline for the garden. Not sure of the exact timing yet but will hopefully find out soon.

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