The lazy mama method of weaning

I can’t believe that in less than two weeks time, my little BB turns six months old. Six months! What happened to my tiny newborn?

So, the six month milestone, huh? The milestone where thoughts turn to weaning. Yes, it’s time to pack away all the pale clothing and cover the floor in newspaper.

Let the carrot versus clean freak battle commence!

When CK reached the golden six months milestone, I spent a fortune on freezable purée containers and spent hours in the kitchen lovingly preparing mashed anything for my boy’s delectation.

It was official.

I was the best mum EVER.

And then CK tasted my offerings. Carrot. Yuck. Apple. Yuck. Pear. Yuck. Sweet potato. Yuck. Rice with water. Yuck. Rice with breast milk. Two spoonfuls but still yuck. Week upon week upon week, the same result.

Turns out my limited kitchen skills don’t even extend to making blitzed fruit and veg palatable.

I was the WORST mum ever.

When he reached seven months and I’d spent a gazillion hours frantically puréeing mulch that he would steadfastly refuse, I decided to hit the local Coop and buy a couple of *whispers* jars. Yes, jars. Mainly of the apple variety (seems that Swiss babies love apple and only apple – or they have way more kitchen-capable parents than my boys and don’t have to resort to jars).

Baby food
On to the taste test. First performed by me. I tried my apple and tried the apple from the jar. I could not tell the difference.

Over to CK.

My apple. Yuck. Disgusting. Face-gurningly horrendous.

The apple from the jar. Well, wouldn’t you know it; it was the nectar of the gods.

He. Could. Not. Get. Enough.

Same with pears. Same with carrots. Same with everything as long as it hadn’t been prepared by me.

It was then that I gave up and gave in. My baby would be weaned on food prepared by strangers. Cue many Ella’s Kitchen care packages winging their way over to Switzerland during the next few months.

So this brings me to my current dilemma.

CK, at two years and nine months, having been weaned on jars and pouches, is rarely fussy when it comes to food. He eats exactly the same meals as Paul and I and loves herbs and spices.

Do I therefore adopt the lazy mama method of weaning with BB and quickly put in a call to my mother to start buying up Ella’s Kitchen pouches or do I slave away in the kitchen, using time that I really don’t have, to make a milligram of purée that will potentially be refused?

Yeah, I’m going with the care packages again.

I am the WORST mum ever.

18 thoughts on “The lazy mama method of weaning

  1. 3 of my 4 were exclusively fed jars and packages and they will eat anything. With Cody we attempted baby led weaning to no avail, so I made my own purees and he dindt want them either. HE loved all the jars too! Ive got 4 healthy children so I think it does them no harm. You could just try him with your own he may like them

  2. I am the laziest mama too and my first was fed jars and pouches. He is now a 22 month old who will pick fruit over chocolate and eats all his veg before touching his fish fingers. I think we will be following the same route with Archie when we come to weaning him as well x

  3. My daughter has been the same! Anything I cooked was apparently disgusting and she would not even entertain eating it, give her a pouch though and she wolfed it down! Now she is a little older and I have dropped more of her milk feeds she is doing better and will eat much more of things I cook. I didn’t worry about it too much as they all get there eventually and as long as you are feeding them who cares if you cook it or not!

  4. Ella’s kitchen is my kitchen. Hope had thai curry for dinner, tomorrow she may have a roast. My input….. I open the packet and fetch the spoon – simple yet nutritious! Gets my vote.

  5. A bit of Ellas is hard to beat and it tastes better than the mush I ever made :) My two will eat absolutely anything now and they had their fair share of Ellas Kitchen during weaning. :)

  6. The real lazy version is what I did – baby led weaning. Weaning day 1 cheese sandwich, by weaning day 4 he was on falafels! Having done my first by the book Annabel Karmel and the 2nd baby led I don’t think it makes a jot of difference to their later tastes. I’ve got 2 terribly fussy eaters

  7. If they have jars/pouches for 6 months really it is little time in the bigger scheme of things…..I say feed them what they eat. If you make it and they dont eat it it is stressful and rubs off on mealtimes ( even if subconsciously) so go with the flow and cause less stress all round I say.

  8. Maybe this is just me being uber-paranoid, but their love of jars makes me worry about what they put in them… Do they actually add crack? Spoonfuls of sugar? What *is* quinoa, anyway? I find it all v mysterious.

  9. I was terrified of weaning and that I would somehow choke Z. I even mushed up millions of bits of fruit and he hated it – cept Strawberries! I ended up giving him jars and lots of fresh mushed fruit. I would then buy up LOADS of the same jar if he liked it like a mad mother hoarding for her chick :) These days he would climb a mountain for strawberries!

  10. makes you wonder what they put in those jars and pouches to make them so palatable! I did the home cooking for both of mine but added in a dollop of jar, etc to my own bland offerings which made all the difference. I wish TC was like your boy and would eat anything but a fussy girl she is, maybe one day! x

  11. Mine LOVES Ella’s kitchen – which of course, makes it far easier to just keep giving it to him and not reach for the magimix at all. I felt guilty at first, but I’m over it now. :0). I am heartened by the comments from those that have done both and then found their jar eaters to be less fussy!

  12. Good luck! I remember those days well, and I can’t say I miss them! :D My daughter went through a phase when she would eat nothing but a spinach puree thing I used to make from Annabel Karmel. I began to think she would still be eating it when she was 25! :D

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