The new Annabel Karmel book – Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes

According to a new study, British parents reach boiling point at least five times a day with Monday being the most demanding day of the week. Tell me why? Maybe it’s down to these five stressful situations that topped the survey:

1. Braving the supermarket with tired, tetchy children in tow.
2. Juggling domestic tasks with entertaining the kids.
3. Morning madness getting everyone up, fed and out the door.
4. Mealtime mayhem trying to get children to eat a cooked meal.
5. Catering to fussy eaters – one in twenty mums actually admit to making ten or more different meals a day. Ten!

Annabel-Karmel-Quick-Easy-Toddler-Recipes-CoverIn a bid to make mealtimes more manageable, enjoyable and tasty (and because she can’t really solve points 1 – 3 for you), Annabel Karmel is launching the first in her ‘Quick and Easy’ series: Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes. Having been in possession of the book for the past four weeks, I can tell you that it’s a veritable treasure trove of simple, tasty and time-saving recipes.

From a nod to my homeland with Welsh Rarebit, a whole section on nutritious sandwiches, rice and stir-fry meals, vegetarian recipes and a few somethings for those of you with a sweet tooth, there’s over 100 dishes to choose from. All are explained in Annabel’s simple and straightforward manner and yet again, she manages to sneak in fruit and vegetables in unexpected places so every meal is packed full of flavour and healthy.

We’ve tried quite a few recipes from the book – and have many more on our list to cook. All have been easy to prepare, and despite the title saying they are ‘toddler recipes’, they’re actually perfect for the whole family. I loved the Mini Chicken Burgers; Paul’s favourite is the Tasty Chicken and Pasta Salad; and CK is pretty much demanding the Beef, Broccoli and Corn Stir-Fry on an almost daily basis.

However, one recipe has already become a family favourite.

The humble flapjack.

With the simplest of ingredients and bung-it-all-together-in-a-bowl approach, it’s the ideal snack for getting your toddler to help make as well as eat.

Annabel Karmel Quick Flapjacks Ingredients
Annabel also includes 30 grams of desiccated coconut in her recipe but Paul has a bit of an aversion to it so we leave it out. We’ve been making an addition of our own though. One that Annabel may not be entirely approving of. We melt a few squares of dark chocolate and drizzle it over the top. It’s really yummy.

Annabel Karmel Quick Flapjacks
They take five minutes to prepare, twelve minutes to cook, fifteen minutes to cool down, and a minute to eat … the entire plate full.

Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes (RRP £9.99) will be published by Ebury Press on June 20, 2013. We received our copy free of charge for the purpose of this review. It’s hard to find fault with Annabel’s books and this is another gem. And it gets extra points from me as the recipes don’t require a ton of pots, pans, mess and cleaning up after.

16 thoughts on “The new Annabel Karmel book – Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes

    1. It’s a really good book, Berni, with recipes to suit everyone. It’s the third Annabel Karmel book that I’ve owned and she really knows what she’s talking about.

    1. I think they all go through phases, don’t they? CK has always eaten a lot but he does go through weeks where he only wants one thing. At the the moment, it’s pasta with pesto. He can’t get enough of the stuff.

    1. It’s good to get the recipe books out now and again. I get a bit stuck in a rut and cook the same things over and over. Need a bit of inspiration now and again.

  1. 8 years ago at an NCT sale Alex picked up an Annabel Karmel recipe book – probably one of our most useful baby buys ever. It lasted the distance throughout babyhood, toddler time and pre-school and in fact, I only threw it out when we left the UK earlier this year. I can still rustle up her chicken apple sausages at the drop of a hat. AK’s recipes are reliable and I also really like the pictures that accompany them. Michelle x

    1. She writes the best recipe books for families. What works well for us is the variation. We eat out a lot and prefer the boys not to eat off the children’s menu but have mini versions of what we’re eating. AK’s books always have a wide variety of meals which really backs this up.

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