This has been my week

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I have recently take possession of a camera. A rather snazzy new camera. So snazzy that I don’t actually know how to use it and it may take me some years to be brave enough to take it off auto. Who knows, I may never be brave enough to take it off auto.

But I shall try. And I shall practice. And I shall subject you to a weekly update of my practising in my new feature … This has been my week  a collection of my favourite photographs from the week (if I have enough).

Please don’t stop reading. Please don’t unsubscribe. I’m aware that this could bring back memories of being subjected to terrible slide shows by your grandfather but I promise to always include a photo of something yummy to eat or something delicious to drink.

Now carry on having a lovely day,


52 thoughts on “This has been my week

    1. They really do. Unfortunately, they make me sneeze so much that I almost pee my pants. I have to snap and run :-)

  1. Auto is fab whilst they are young as at least you then have the option of capturing the shot quickly. I have times when not using auto is successful and others when it is a disaster! Not sure if I’ll ever master it. So fab to have a new gadget. Lucky you. Have you given CK your old camera?

    1. I’m enjoying using it but still a little bit nervous. CK has full access to the old one and loves it. We went out taking photos together last week. In fact, the shot of the leaves at the top of the second collage is his – I stole it :-)

  2. Great photos and it doesn’t matter if you’re on AUTO at all. It’s a great place to start. I’ve been dabbling with my Canon 500 since being away. After lots of clicks and deletes the outcome has been to leave it on AUTO but to focus manually. It’s been hit and miss and I think you really need a tripod to get some great shots, however, it’s the clarity and the colour that really make a difference. Keep going. I’m actually thinking of signing up to an online photography course I’ll let you know if I find one and if it’s something a busy mum of toddler and baby can do! Michelle x

    1. Yes please! If you find one, let me know. I’d love to be a bit more knowledgeable and confident with it.

  3. Ooh have fun with it, I LOVE mine and I’m still not used to it yet. Just play, play and play some more and things will slowly sink in. You’ll never leave the house without it xxx

    1. I really love it but I’m a little bit scared of it too. I’ve bought a padded insert for my satchel so I can take it out with me (and bought a dummy’s guide to using it).

  4. I love this idea Rachel! i had a new camera about 4 weeks ago and i have just started using the alternative settings! .. what a fab #magicmoment .. thanks for linking up honey x

    1. I’m hoping that if I post them, all the better photographers out there will be able to give me tips on how to improve too x

  5. A new camera!!!!! Bliss! What did you get?Do you like it?So many questions!You have too take plenty of photos with a new camera….it’s the law! X popping over from #magicmoments

    1. I got a Nikon D5100 …. it was a half price bargain and came recommended. Now hoping that my kids don’t mind having a lens trained on them at all times :-)

    1. Let me know which one you end up getting. We need someone to organize an online master class for us.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been reading up on all the settings but my mind is boggled at the moment. Slow and steady, I think.

    1. I love that tree too but unfortunately blossom brings out the worst of my hay fever so I have to snap it and then run.

  6. Oooooooooh a new camera – fab! The first thing my eyes honed in on was the pancake with nutella – yum! Have lots of fun with your new toy. Also loved the picture of CK and his sticks! Gotta have those sticks! X.

    1. I’m very excited to have it. And yes, the pancake was truly yummy. All praise the inventor of Nutella!

  7. I would never have guessed you were using auto (TBH I couldn’t tell anyway). They are great photos and make me want to blow the dust off my new camera (still in its box as I can’t face the steep learning curve, and am therefore still using my phone). Great colours.

    1. It’s the learning curve that scares me but I’m trying to throw myself in and do a mixture of learning by reading and learning as I go. It’s a little bit scary.

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