This has been my week(end) #3

This weekend, we were invited to the most wonderful wedding near Stuttgart in Germany. It was set on an estate with an old castle and farmhouse so even though I was very nervous about taking both CK and BB, there was plenty of room for us to walk, run around and play without disturbing the proceedings. However, I needn’t have worried as both boys were on brilliant form. CK was in his element playing with all the other children and being taught to hula hoop by Paul. BB was as relaxed as ever and either dozed in his sling or sat on my knee smiling.

The three of us headed to bed around 10:30 pm leaving Paul to drink and dance until 3 am. Guess who had a sore head this morning?

The story of the wedding is not mine to tell but here’s our weekend in pictures.

Hofgut MaisenburgWeddingHula HoopingViews

36 thoughts on “This has been my week(end) #3

  1. I love that picture too. Paul told me not to put the hat on him but I thought it looked so cute. Totally complements his chubby cheeks and pout :-)

  2. Twenty three degrees so absolutely perfect. And it was all so green. Really felt like spring has arrived.

  3. That looks a stunning location. I always worry how z is going to behave (we have a wedding this afternoon!) but sounds like you had a really lovely time!

  4. We went to one last year and it was really hard work. With him being to interact a lot more now, it was much easier. He didn’t want to sit so long at the dinner but I took him out to play after he’d had his main course. Best advice is to relax and take it as it comes.

  5. What a beautiful setting! Reminds me of a wedding we went to in… Switzerland! ha! They had beautiful weather for it too, how lovely. Great that you have a success story with taking kiddies to a wedding, usually you hear the opposite. x
    ps Boys will be boys ;-)

  6. It wasn’t perfect but we all had a great time which is all you can ask for with a two year old and five month old at such an event. It was so nice.

  7. It was so nice. And the beautiful weather really helped the day to feel very relaxed.

  8. Thanks, Annie. The bride and groom couldn’t have wished for better perfect. And they picked the most amazing setting. I imagine the official photographs will be outstanding.

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