Two months in to weaning

BB two months of food
In some ways, I can’t believe that two months have flown by since we started weaning but at the same time, I struggle to remember what it was like to exclusively breastfeed. I guess that’s the joy and sorrow of having children; you’re happy for any new skill they acquire but wish that time wouldn’t pass so quickly.

You might remember that we’re following the lazy mama method of weaning and you might also remember that, at one month in to weaning, things were going swimmingly.

So what’s changed during the past month?

Well, nothing apart from BB’s increasing appetite and blatant coveting of all food. Seriously, this boy can eat. And eat. And eat some more. And then fit in pudding. In contrast to CK, who I shed tears over trying to wean, BB is a smiling, food-loving delight.

We’re now on to three meals a day; eighty percent purée, twenty percent finger food. I’d love to say that I’m completely on board with baby led weaning but, although I believe in the concept, it still makes me a little nervous. BB has tried little bits of finger food and I’ve given him small portions of some of our meals. I can’t say which method he prefers because he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. Even broccoli and banana which he steadfastly refused a few weeks ago, are quickly devoured nowadays. At this moment in time, I can’t think of a single thing that he doesn’t like. The little greedy guts.


I’m still breastfeeding (we’ve dropped a feed since last month though) but BB also has a little bit of cooled boiled water at every meal. He loves his little baby cup and while half of the water ends up down his bib, half makes it in to his mouth. I’m a huge fan of these cups and while it’s not quite as easy in the short-term, it means we can skip the bottle and sippy cup phase all together (you can read about the benefits here).

At eight months old, this is BB’s feeding routine:

09:00 Breakfast – cereal, fruit, yoghurt (200g)
12:00 Lunch – meat and vegetables (130g) followed by fruit, yogurt or cheese (100g)
13:00 Pre nap milk (BB naps from 13:00 to 15:30)
17:00 Dinner – similar to lunch but different combinations
18:30 Pre sleep milk (BB sleeps from 19:00 to 09:00)
06:00 Night milk

I have no idea whether this is right, wrong, too little, too much, as this time around I’ve consulted absolutely zero baby books and gone more with instinct, feeling and BB’s reaction. He’s happy, healthy and really enjoying his weaning adventure. What more could a mama ask for?

14 thoughts on “Two months in to weaning

  1. That sounds really similar to Z’s routine cept think he had an extra bottle somewhere just after breakfast. He sounds brilliant with his food – Z was so fussy, he preferred fruit to anything and even now still does!

    1. He loves everything at the moment and is just so happy to be given new things to try. CK has never been fussy, he just preferred milk until he was about 8 months old. I think it was because he was a bit lazy and didn’t want to take the extra time to eat.

  2. It’s really interesting to read other peoples weaning diaries. I am very similar to you in that while I like the idea of full BLW I also am a bit traditional and wonder how much they can actually be taking from it. I know that food is fun until 12 months and milk is their main source but I still want her little tummy to be full.
    We are one month in and going ok, we have had a few different finger foods, like pitta bread and homous, bread sticks, cheese and tomato. But we haven’t had any meat yet or any chunkier purees. I find it all a bit stressful to be honest! x

    1. BLW really makes me nervous. I give him bits to try because I know it’s good for him rather than because I really want to. The problem we’re having now is that he prefers food to milk so I’m having to be conscious of not giving him too much that he’s full. Greedy guts.

    1. I’m am overjoyed to have a little one that sleeps. At this age, CK was still having two feeds a night at 1am and 4am. How I managed to go to work on that little sleep, I’ll never know.

  3. BB sleeps from 7-9 and naps for 2.5 hours – i am sickeningly jealous ;)

    My youngest is 7 months and also loving his food. I really tried to do BLW this time round but i don’t think i’m quite relaxed enough to embrace the mess and the fact that very little actually goes in at first- i find myself hovering around trying to put pieces in his mouth lol.

    1. Don’t be. His brother was waking twice a night at the same age. I think I’ve earned one that is a good sleeper (writing that, he’s definitely going to be up all night now, I’m sure).

  4. Sounds like you’re both doing great so don’t question it, just enjoy. I loved the weaning stage, seeing the expressions on their little faces when they try new tastes and textures (even though it’s unbelievably messy and a bit nerve-wracking). My boys have always loved food and eaten loads like BB (a bit worrying for when they reach teenage years ;)) and I think that makes it so much more enjoyable xx

    1. I was just saying to Paul that the boys best develop a love of pasta because if them carry on eating this much, that’s all we’ll be able to afford to feed them.

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