We could play all day – Coconut and Chocolate travel play mat review

Sometimes Twitter can be a very dangerous place. You click on a profile or a link and all of a sudden you come across something so wonderful that BOOM! your bank balance takes an immediate hit.

This is what happened when I started talking to Alice, the founder of Coconut and Chocolate, on Twitter and clicked on the link to her Facebook site. I came across the most gorgeous play mats and knew that I had found the perfect ‘welcome to the world’ present for my little BB. As with any second child, BB is the receiver and wearer of many pre-loved items and this was my chance to get him a little something of his own.

Rather than opting for a full size play mat, I decided that a travel one would work best for us as we are always on the go and I knew it would come in super handy for our recent trip back to the UK.

All play mats are personalised and Alice was really helpful in suggesting fabric choices and colours – there’s so many lovely ones to choose from that it’s incredibly hard to narrow it down. I finally opted for a London-themed fabric to remind BB of his British roots.

Coconut and Chocolate London fabric
The play mats also feature removable letters spelling out your child’s name and are just the right size to be held in little hands.

Coconut and Chocolate removable lettersCoconut and Chocolate removable letters
The mats roll up snugly so you can easily fit them in a bag or under a pram.
Coconut and Chocolate travel play mat

It really is perfect for trips out with your baby or when you’re visiting friends or relatives.

Coconut and Chocolate travel play mat

Coconut and Chocolate giraffe snuggle
Full size play mats cost £80 and travel pay mats £40. While a little more expensive than mass produced versions you can find in most baby shops, these play mats are completely personalised and would make a wonderful gift for a new baby.

Coconut and Chocolate is very much a family run company and the magic happens on small island in Hampshire. The play mats are made in the UK using British made fabrics where ever possible. They really are divine.

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    1. I know :-) I didn’t really need one but it was one of those things where I saw it, fell a little bit in love, and then had to buy it. It really is lovely though.

    1. I’d seen a few and they were basically scraps of poor quality material. More like changing mats. This one is wonderful. Alice makes really beautiful things.

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