We had a Big Night In

When Money Supermarket offered me £50 to take part in their Big Night In challenge my first thought was a fiver on a book, a fiver on a massive bar of chocolate and £40 on a ginormous box of stinkingly wonderful bath bombs from Lush. Sorted!

And then they mentioned that it might be nice to include family, friends and perhaps some entertainment.

I could still work with that. Maybe they could contribute to a playlist that I could listen to while in the bath enjoying said book, chocolate and bath bombs. But then I realised that Paul’s track of choice would be a lengthy Pink Floyd one and that’d be six minutes of my life that I’d never get back. Urgh!

Instead, I did what any selfless mother would do and put our Big Night In in the hands of CK. His choice of fun, food and a drink. And what did he pick? A new fishing game, his favourite meal of beef and noodles, some lemonly (the generic name he gives to any fizzy drink), and ice cream. Ice cream with lots of toppings.

Here’s CK’s Big Night In:

Gone FishingGingerberry TwistBeef and gingerIce cream four waysHad we been back in the UK, we might have got a bit more bang for our buck but as our Big Night In took place in the Land of Expense Aplenty, there was not so much cash to splash. But … CK had a fabulous time … and I ate the rest of the family pack of Maltesers once he’d gone to bed. Result!

Here’s what we spent (converted in to £):

Fishing game £20.70
Beef & noodles ingredients: £19.50
Gingerberry Twist ingredients: £2.40
Ice cream four ways: £7.50

Total: £50.10 (I raided CK’s money box for the extra 10p).

How would you spend £50 on a Big Night In?

18 thoughts on “We had a Big Night In

    1. It was the best night in, if you have kids :-) The money would have gone on something a bit more sparkly otherwise.

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